'Avatar 2' Story Summary & Ending Explanation: What's Next for the Sully Family and Pandora After 'The Way Of Water'? 🇧🇷 movie runaways (2023)

The sequel toJames Cameron's sci-fi masterpiece Avatar (2009)It was one of the most anticipated films in almost a decade. After 13 years of waiting, the next chapter of the epic saga Avatar: The Way of Water has finally arrived in cinemas around the world. The sequel has successfully recreated the identical charm of magical realism while opening the door to a new frontier of lifePandora. The second part takes up the pieces of the past and focuses on the family relationships between themkey figures. At the same time, the film stunned viewers with its immersive underwater setting to the point where the line between fiction and reality was severely blurred. Cameron, the self-proclaimed "King of the World," has once again delivered a cinematic experience that is timeless, universal and heartfelt - a worthy follow-up to the director's masterpiece.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

"Avatar" (2009) ended with the colonizing forces, humans, represented by East German military forces, being defeated by the combined might of the Na'vi clans and the wildlife of Pandora. The RDA's chief security colonel, Miles Quaritch, was brought down by Neytiri and Jake, and with the exception of a few loyalists, the rest of the humans were banished from Pandora. Jake Sully became Olo'eyktan, the leader of the Omaticaya clan, gave up his human body and permanently transferred his consciousness into his avatar body. The Way of Water opens with a beautiful montage of Pandora's Desert and Jake Sully's voiceover telling us that fifteen years have passed since the events of the great war. Jake and Neytiri have found their joy in starting their own family which includes sons Neteyam and Lo'ak and daughters Kiri and Tuktirey. Kiri is his adopted daughter and was born from the comatose avatar body of Dr. Born Grace Augustine. The children are accompanied by another foster brother, Miles Socorro, also known as Spider, who is the son of the late Colonel Quaritch. Spider was not sent home because cryosleep was not possible for children, and he grew up on Pandora with the Sully children. Although Jake accepted him as his adopted son, Neytiri finds it difficult to trust him due to his paternal background. However, Spider is more comfortable with the Na'vi way of life and feels guilty about his father's actions. Kiri and Mike are close as adopted brothers.

Their idyllic family life is shaken to the core when humans return to Pandora in search of revenge. To the utter shock and horror of the couples, they watch as a fleet of human spaceships make an emergency landing in Pandora's Desert, clearing vast tracts of forest along with their share of megafauna. Once again, humanity builds its fortress on the cleared lands and resumes the colonization of Pandora. A year has passed since then and we are reintroduced to Quaritch, now in his new "recombinant" form. It turns out that Quaritch and some of his followers were revived after death. His consciousness was transferred into a cloned avatar body, and as a result, in his new form he has all the memories of his past life up until his death. Quaritch is updated on the current situation of Pandora's redemption and the fact that Jake is leading guerrilla hit squads to squander human effort. Quaritch swears revenge when he decides to kill Jake and prepares to lead his squad in an attack on the Omaticaya clan.

In another guerrilla attempt, Jake's sons are assigned scouting roles. His youngest son Lo'ak endangers his life and later that of his older brother Neteyam in his attempt to prove himself. When Jake returns to Omaticaya's base of operations on Hanging Hallelujah Mountain, he verbally abuses his sons. Neytiri tries to dissuade an angry and distraught Jake, who tells her that his fear of losing her has made him be harsh on his children. Later, Jake's sons travel deep into the jungle and arrive at the scene of the final action of the great war that culminated in Quaritch's death at the hands of Neytiri. Unbeknownst to them, Quaritch and his party arrive there at the same time as they scout and hold them captive. Quaritch recognizes his son and is initially surprised. Jake and Neytiri arrive just in time and manage to rescue their children, except for Spider, who is taken to the human base by Quaritch. At the base, Spider is being tortured by scientists in an information extraction mechanism, but refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Jake Sully or Omaticaya. Quaritch tries to appeal to her humanity by pretending to understand her situation and promising her freedom if she goes along with it. Gradually, Spider softens towards his father and teaches them the Na'vi language and how to ride Ikran, activities the Recombinants deem necessary to infiltrate the Na'vi fortress without alerting Pandora's automatic response.

Meanwhile, Jake fears the humans will trick Spider into revealing his whereabouts, which could endanger not only his family but the entire Omaticaya clan. He persuades a distraught Neytiri to leave her clan and seek refuge from prying human surveillance. Jake gives up his position as clan leader and takes his family to the other side of Pandora, home to the Metkayina clan, adopted by the aquatic environment. The leader of the clan, Tonowari, welcomes them while his fellow Tshahik, Ronal, is skeptical of them as their arrival could trigger an invasion of humans or humans from the sky. Initially, the Sully family are treated as outcasts due to their demi-human parentage, but they quickly earn the clan's respect by adapting to a new way of life. Meanwhile, Lo'ak gets into trouble when he gets stranded in dangerous waters after Tonowari's son Aonung and his friends prank him. Lo'ak is rescued from a savage sea predator by a Tulkun named Payakan. Tulkuns are extremely intelligent, whale-like creatures who are pacifists and have developed a familial relationship with Metkayinas. Upon returning, Lo'ak is scolded for interacting with Payakan, whom the clan believe to be a murderer and outcast. Finding it hard to believe, Lo'ak later forms a Tsaheylu bond with Payakan to witness through his memories the brutality of the human whalers who killed his family, and Payakan is innocent. He can't convince anyone of that and he feels depressed. He bonds with Payakan as he feels more outcast than ever.

Lo'ak befriends Tsireya, daughter of Ronal and Tonowari, and tells her the truth about Payakan. Meanwhile, the group of children continue to explore the water and Tsireya leads them to the Bay of Elders, the holiest spot for Metkayina. The location is a counterpart to Omaticaya's Vitraya Ramunong, with another soul tree placed in the middle of the ocean as a link to Eywa. Kiri, enchanted by Metkayina's aquatic splendor, forms a tsaheylu with her and meets her mother, Grace. When she asks Grace about her parentage, Kiri's eyesight breaks down and she begins to have seizures underwater. Ronal treats her safely. Norm and Max, arriving at Jake's 911 call, warned him not to allow Kiri to connect with the Metkayina Soul Tree as it could result in his death.

Meanwhile, Quaritch tracks Max's air signal to Norm to the coast and leads his team to the island's villages, where he begins torturing the natives and killing their iloo (a friendly plesiosaur-like aquatic creature used as a mode of transport by aquatic clans). Deeply horrified by their brutality, Spider tells them to stop, but to no avail. Seeing the natives' reaction to the deaths of their relatives, Quaritch plans to go tulkun hunting with the help of a cunning and sadistic whaler. They are trying to remove Jake Sully from his island of refuge as the aquatic Na'vi clans, the Tulkuns, are a spiritual family. What follows is a brutal and harrowing sequence of the wanton pursuit and slaughter of a pack of Tulkun. The herd was a spiritual family for Tonowari's family, with the cow of the herd being Ronal's spiritual sister. Devastated by this horrific massacre, the Metkayina prepare to wage war against the humans, but Jake somehow dissuades the clan, warning them that direct attack will only lead to further retaliation and ultimately the destruction of their clan will lead. Lo'ak rushes to warn Payakan of the danger and is pursued by the other Na'vi children. They find that Payakan has already been pursued by Quaritch and the whalers and shot by a dart. The kids manage to rescue Payakan, but Quaritch captures Lo'ak, Tuk, and Tsireya. With conflict inevitable, Jake and Neytiri, along with Tonowari, Ronal, and a Metkayina fleet, move to the location to confront Quaritch. Before they face each other, Quaritch gives Jake an ultimatum to surrender or face the deaths of his children. Ronal vents his deep frustration and blames Jake for the Tulkuns' loss and his current situation. Racked with guilt, Jake decides to turn himself in. Around the same time, Payakan sees Lo'ak being held captive and attacks the whalers, causing a distraction. Jake and his compatriots see an opportunity and launch an attack on Quaritch and the RDA. Payakan destroys the whaling ship, bringing the sadistic whaler a brutal and satisfying death, while Spider uses this opportunity to destroy the controls of the ship on which he was held captive. Neteyam saves his brother, Spider, and his sisters, but is fatally shot while trying to escape. Tsireya, a reunited member of the Sully family, is desperate to find help. Neteyam breathes his last on his father's lap while Jake comforts him in his final moments.

The hour of misery is far from over for the Sully family, as Quaritch offers the same deal as Jake's surrender, now in exchange for the lives of Jake's daughters, whom Quaritch has found. A devastated Jake and Neytiri, blinded by anger and a desire for revenge, face Quaritch one last time while taking out all the enemy human crew members one by one. To save his own skin, Quaritch holds Kiri hostage, and a disillusioned Neytiri does the same with Spider to emotionally hustle Quaritch. Kiri and Tuk scramble to safety as a fight between Jake and Quaritch begins. The boat capsizes and all characters risk drowning. Jake overpowers Quaritch and strangles him, but nearly drowns in the process until he is rescued by Lo'ak and Payakan. Kiri calls out to her water friends, who lead Neytiri and Tuk to shore. Spider is searching for Jake around the drowned ship when he finds his father Quaritch in a near-death situation. Spider is initially reluctant and eventually saves him, but declines his offer to join, leaving him to join the Sully family.

Back in Metkayina, a grieving Sully family arranges Neteyam's funeral in the Water Clan ritual. Her body is submerged, resting on the glowing bed of polyps near the Cove of the Ancients as the tree spirits embrace Neteyam. After some time, Jake Tonowari approaches to inform them of his decision to leave Metkayina. However, the Sea Clan leaders reciprocate by accepting the Sully family as part of their family. When Jake finally realizes he must face the attackers one last time instead of running, he identifies Metkayina as his new home and is more determined than ever.

Avatar: The Way Of Water ending statement: What's next for the Sully and Pandora family?

Director James Cameron commented during the promotion of the sequel that they wanted the film's ending to be unpredictable. Part of the ending shows Spider's change of heart because even though he saw his father's heinous acts, or should we say his father's conscience is capable of them, he couldn't let him die and ended up saving him. This troubled relationship will definitely be explored in the upcoming sequels. Now let's move on to the true ending, in which Jake reaffirmed his determination to face the threat posed by humanity head-on. After losing his son in his attempt to be overprotective, Jake learned the hard way that trusting your children allows them to grow as strong as possible. Kiri's legacy as Eywa and her uniqueness is another question to be answered in future endeavors. After destroying the Recombinants and the ship, the RDA will use all their arsenal to wreak havoc on the Na'vi population. Quaritch is in an odd situation as he won't stop pursuing Jake's family, but after being rejected by his own family, his son, his perspective and approach may change. "The Way of the Water" reminds us in its thematic essence of Matt Reeves' "Planet of the Apes - Dawn", a film that also ended the inevitability of a coming war with humans and deprived us of our right to life. The third installment in the Avatar franchise was filmed concurrently with The Way of Water, suggesting that Avatar 3 could take place right after the events, with no time jumps in between. In immediate response to the attack, we witnessed an all-out war between the invaders and the natives, with the fate of Pandora at stake.

Avatar: The Way of Water is a 2022 science fiction film directed by James Cameron.

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What happens at the end of Avatar 2? ›

Just as you think they're about to be free, Jake takes on Quaritch mano a mano. However, the others find themselves in immense peril: Tuk is sucked into the bowels of the sinking ship, with Neytiri going after her; and Spider and Kiri are left alone on the surface as the boat begins to rise and fall like the Titanic.

Where did the water people go at the end of Avatar 2? ›

Realising that he is the target, Jake and Neytiri make the tough decision that it is best for the Sullys to flee their homeland and seek safe haven in the distant atolls of Pandora, and so they travel to the home of Metkayina clan, where they are taken in despite initially being viewed with suspicion.

How do Avatar get pregnant? ›

The way it's explained, Grace's dormant Avatar was discovered to be pregnant shortly after her human body died at the foot of the Tree of Souls. By preserving her body in her Avatar tank, the pregnancy was able to be carried to term, and thus Kiri was able to be born.

Was Neytiri pregnant at the end of Avatar? ›

neytiri is pregnant at the end of avatar.

Does Jake become an Avatar permanently? ›

In the film's closing scene, the Na'vi transfer Jake into the avatar body permanently, eradicating his disability and neatly delivering him from his original role as a white colonizer.

How many kids does Jake and Neytiri have? ›

Jake and Neytiri have two sons, Neteyam and Lo'ak, and one daughter, Tuktirey, or Tuk for short.

Does Avatar have a secret ending? ›

We don't get a post-credits hint of Sully's next adventure. The long-awaited Avatar: The Way of Water landed in theaters in December and made a splash by beating Top Gun: Maverick to become the biggest movie of 2022 after less than a month.

Could Neteyam come back? ›

While Jamie Flatters' character Neteyam was killed at the end of The Way of Water, there's always a chance that he'll return as well, especially since this wouldn't be the first time the franchise has resurrected characters from the dead.

How did the colonel have a kid in Avatar? ›

How Was Kiri Born? Kiri was born after Grace died following a mortal bullet wound given to her by Quaritch, with her then-empty avatar giving birth to the child despite not having any consciousness.

Can you go on Avatar pregnant? ›

Disney Advises Against Riding These Animal Kingdom Attractions During Pregnancy: Avatar Flight of Passage. Expedition Everest. Dinosaur.

Who is pregnant in Avatar? ›

Avatar: The Way of Water. Hollywood rarely depicts pregnant women as physically formidable forces on screen, but Kate Winslet gets to bring one of those rare roles to life.

Is Neytiri pregnant in Avatar 2? ›

The upcoming film picks up a decade from where the original left off, with the story of the Sully clan training as warriors as they start a family — and Cameron chose to have Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) be pregnant.

How do avatars reproduce? ›

The Na'vi reproduce sexually just like human beings and other mammals, as do the artificial avatars.

Who is Neytiri sister? ›

Sylwanin te Tskaha Mo'at'ite was the daughter of Eytukan and Mo'at, the older sister of Neytiri, and Tsu'tey's fiancé. She was a member of the Omatikaya clan and a tsahìk-in-training.

Did Tsu Tey and Neytiri mate? ›

Tsu'tey was betrothed to Neytiri for roughly two years after Sylwanin's sudden death, and the two grew and learned together. Despite their differences, they seemed to have much respect for each other. However, Neytiri fell in love with Jake Sully and chose him as her mate instead.

What happens if your Avatar dies? ›

Avatar Roku : If you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist.

How did Jake Sully lose his legs? ›

Avatar (2009) Jake Sully served with the U.S. Marine Corps but was discharged after receiving a severe spinal injury during a service in Venezuela, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) inform Jake that his twin brother Tom was killed.

Who is Kiri's father Avatar? ›

Like a word about to be spoken. Kiri to her father Jake regarding her connection to Eywa. Kiri te Suli Kìreysì'ite is Jake Sully and Neytiri's adopted fourteen-year-old Na'vi daughter, and the biological daughter of Grace Augustine's avatar. Her conception is shrouded in mystery.

What is Neytiri's full name? ›

Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite, also known as Neytiri Sully, is a fictional character in the American science fiction film series Avatar, created by James Cameron.

What did Neytiri name her banshee? ›

Seze is the mountain banshee mount of Neytiri. Graceful, dangerous, and loyal, the banshee is an integral part of Na'vi life.

Why did Neytiri change her name? ›

Originally Sydney's online alias was the name Neytiri from Disney's Avatar movie, but she revealed on Twitter that she was finding it hard to brand around that name and found herself competing with search results relating to the film, so opted for a name change back in November 2020.

How many avatars will there be? ›

Four forthcoming Avatar films, expanding the vibrant world of Pandora, will release on the pre-Christmas weekend every other year beginning in 2021,” Disney says. We're getting the sequel on December 17, 2021; Avatar 3 on December 22, 2023; Avatar 4 on December 19, 2025; and Avatar 5 on December 17, 2027.

How old is Sokka at the end? ›

That Sokka and Katara, who are 15 and 14 years old in the much-beloved Nickelodeon series, are being changed to 16 and 14 in the Netflix remake.

Did they remove the mating scene in Avatar? ›

Why Avatar removed the “hair sex” scene in the rerelease. It's as simple as this: it's the original theatrical cut of Avatar that's currently in cinemas, as opposed to the extended version.

Is Neteyam still alive? ›

After the battle, Sully and Neytiri lay their lost son Neteyam to rest in the ocean. His body is embraced by the algae, hinting that he's returning to Eywa. As a result of their loss, the family is also accepted by the ocean-dwelling Metkayina clan as their own. Our heroes endure a heartbreaking loss.

Will there be 5 Avatar movies? ›

In September, Cameron announced that Avatar 4 had already begun production. Avatar 5 is set to drop on December 22, 2028.

How old is lo ak in Avatar 2? ›

Lo'ak te Suli Tsyeyk'itan is the fourteen-year-old son of Jake Sully and Neytiri. His older brother is Neteyam and his younger sister is Tuktirey. He also has an adoptive sister named Kiri.

How many children did Avatar Aang give birth to? ›

SpouseKatara (wife)
ChildrenBumi II (son) Kya II (daughter) Tenzin (son)
NationalityAir Nomads
Animal guideAppa
12 more rows

How many kids Zuko have? ›

Zuko has at least one daughter named Izumi and at least one son named Iroh, no word on whether or not Mai was their mother.

Who is the human kid in Avatar? ›

Tuktirey te Suli Neytiri'ite, nicknamed Tuk, is the only biological daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri and their youngest child at seven-years-old. She has two older biological brothers: Neteyam and Lo'ak and an older adoptive sister, Kiri.

What happens at the end of Avatar Way of water? ›

After the battle, Sully and Neytiri lay their lost son Neteyam to rest in the ocean. His body is embraced by the algae, hinting that he's returning to Eywa. As a result of their loss, the family is also accepted by the ocean-dwelling Metkayina clan as their own. Our heroes endure a heartbreaking loss.

Did they film Avatar 2 underwater? ›

Filming on this sequel began back in 2017, with Cameron pushing even his own boundaries. "The key to it was to shoot really underwater and really at the surface of the water," he said.

Where is the Water Tribe in Avatar? ›

The Water Tribe is one of the original four nations and its citizens primarily inhabit the northern and southernmost regions of the globe, near both poles. It is also a collective term for the nation of people who practice the art of waterbending.

What comes after water in the Avatar cycle? ›

The order is as follows: Fire, Air, Water, and lastly Earth. Avatar Wan was the first avatar to begin the Cycle.

Is Mako Azula's grandson? ›

Mako and Bolin are Azula's grandsons. Azula recovered from her insanity some time after the War ended, and traveled the Earth Kingdom as The Atoner during the turbulent days between her father's defeat and the founding of Republic City. There, she met Haru, fell in love with him and his smexy mustache, and married him.

Do the humans win in Avatar 2? ›

Sully and Quaritch end up duking it out one-on-one and Sully comes out victorious, having strangled Quaritch unconscious. Sully thankfully manages to escape the ship with some help from Lo'ak and Kiri.

Will Avatar 2 have babies? ›

In the thirteen years that have gone by, the Sullys have been busy, having a family of little Na'vi, all of whom have grown up into healthy children. In Avatar 2 The Way of Water, we'll meet all these kids, Neteyam, Kiri, Lo'ak, Tuk, and Spider.

Is there a baby in Avatar 2? ›

Spider is played by Jack Champion. Not only is he a child of the humans who stayed on Pandora after the initial eviction of the RDA at the end of Avatar, but he's Quaritch's son.

Who is the pregnant Avatar? ›

Avatar: The Way of Water. Hollywood rarely depicts pregnant women as physically formidable forces on screen, but Kate Winslet gets to bring one of those rare roles to life.

Do avatars mate with their tails? ›

“Yeah, [James Cameron] explained they don't actually mate with their [ponytails],” Champion said. “That's more a connection of the minds, but it's not sexual.” This may be a slight retcon, but if it gets rid of the ponytail sex meme, we'll take it.

What happens to Jake's human body in Avatar? ›

After his human body is mortally injured, Jake's consciousness is permanently transferred into his avatar via the Tree of Souls. Over the following fifteen years, Jake has three children with Neytiri: Neteyam, Lo'ak, and Tuk, and adopts two others: Kiri and Miles "Spider" Socorro.

Who is Katara's wife? ›

Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
SpouseAang (husband)
ChildrenBumi (oldest son) Kya II (oldest daughter) Tenzin (second son)
NationalitySouthern Water Tribe
Bending elementWaterbending bloodbending
10 more rows

Is Sokka a water bender? ›

Being a non-bender, Sokka uses different weapons such as his boomerang and machete; and eventually a jian sword to combat enemies.
NationalitySouthern Water Tribe
12 more rows

What race is the Water Tribe? ›

The first culture to emerge from DeMartino and Konietzko's early drawings, the Water Tribe was based on Arctic cultures such as the Inuit. Other features of the Tribes—such as Sokka's boomerang—resemble indigenous cultures of Australia and the Americas. The Tribe's ships may also be inspired by Polynesian catamarans.


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