11 Sweet and Special Home Ideas (2023)

Some people look for traditional offerings when proposing, like waterfalls, observation decks, and famous landmarks—all of which are fine. Others, on the other hand, find a lot of fun and purpose in keeping things closer to home. And we mean very intimate, like a real at-home proposal.

Yes, that's one thing, and you can do it too! In fact, there are so many wonderful and heartfelt ways to ask the ultimate question in the comfort of your own home. Check out these 11 romantic at-home proposal ideas that are anything but ordinary.

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1. Make them breakfast in bed.

We'll start with a surefire classic that starts every day with a smile. Start using yours in the kitchen early, before your partner wakes upThe Best Breakfast Cooking TipsBuild around favorite dishes like bacon, eggs, French toast, or whatever they like to make the most. (Thanks to the simplicity of most breakfast dishes, you don't have to be Gordon Ramsay to whip up something semi-delicious.)

When the food is ready, serve iton a breakfast plate, and be sure to include a fresh cup of coffee or tea with them. as for that momentengagement ringOnce out, you have plenty of lovely options to display on their own or hide away in a small bowl with a lid. Just don't try to hide the ring in your English muffin or other treats -- a chipped tooth (or, God forbid, a swallowed ring) is a surefire way to ruin a proposal.

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2. Create a treasure hunt.

Does your partner love games, puzzles and other fun challenges? Then the treasure hunt is all about the proposal! The idea is simple: Set up a series of "clues" around your house, each leading to another—all subject to a proposal that serves as a finale. We suggest coming up with some interesting threads about your story together. Not only does this show your love and care, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore an interesting rabbit hole of memory.

Some notes to make sure your treasure hunt goes smoothly: First, don't make the clues too difficult and be ready to lend a helping hand. Second, when they leave the house, make sure you have a focused time so you can start playing. (Have their friends and family here to help you!) Finally — and this goes for any advice, but more so for this one — wait for a time when they can relax and do so. Few people want to go on a treasure hunt after get off work!

3. Plan a spa night at home.

you know what a lot of people are doingmeetingLike when they come home from get off work? Massages, bubble baths and a glass or two of champagne. If your partner loves being pampered (really, who doesn't?), organizing a spa night at home is a great way to welcome the big moment.

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This homemade spa package can include anything you know your partner will love, from back massages to body washes to premium lotions and masks. (Your participation is optional, but you may find that you enjoy it more than you thought!) When you're relaxed enough and feeling yourself, it's timePull Out A Beautiful Oval Engagement RingThey chose her and put her on the promise of her life.

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4. Gather with family and friends.

This isn't for everyone, but if your partner is the type who thinks a public proposal is romantic, this could be the perfect way to bring the experience home! Invite family, friends and whoever your partner wants. To keep your significant other from becoming suspicious, you can schedule the meeting for another holiday, such as Christmas. B. A BBQ on Labor Day or even his birthday. (Booking:Birthday proposals aren't for everyone either!)

A big plus to this is that (probably) the house is clean and you both look good. This would make great proposal photos - and there will be a lot of people out there taking them! To make sure people are ready to capture the big moment, choose a few friends and family members to fill in the secrets before the party. Another thing: You probably know that it's important not to be completely cold when you openly propose a big deal to your partner, but talking up front is especially important here. You don't want them to be stressed or embarrassed!

5. Play them a song.

If you're musically gifted, including a song in your proposal can be one of the best ways to ask questions. Whether it's a piano, guitar, synthesizer, or something as unconventional as a banjo, a move in a song exudes sincerity and dedication! Plus, if you can find a way to capture it on video, it's truly a moment to watch again and again.

Of course you want to spend some time practicing whatever you want to play. When the big moment comes, you want to be able to pull it off perfectly! It's also a good idea to keep your favorite music genres in mind when choosing (or writing) songs to play. If they were drummers too, this 10-minute drum solo might just fire their imaginations, so maybe just indulge their love for Jason Mraz once?

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6. Cook her favorite food for a romantic dinner.

Having someone cook your favorite meals for you is one of those things that always brings that warm, fluffy feeling. So if you want to keep things relatively simple while impressing her with a romantic gesture, consider cooking her favorite dish and serving it to the two of you as part of an intimate dinner. (If cooking isn't your thing, but still likes the idea, there's always an option to order from their favorite restaurant!)

What if you areRecommended before or after meals, Presentation is definitely important here, so when in doubt, go all out. We're talking white tablecloths, candle holders, roses - these pieces work! You want your partner to see that you put a lot of effort into showing your love. When it comes to the actual ring presentation, we recommend saving that for the dessert course, and popping a bottle of champagne after you've sealed the deal!

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Should I apply before dinner or after dinner? read more here

7. There are four nights of blankets.

Many people rediscovered (and some never forgot) the joy of building ceiling forts during quarantine. It's a lovely yet intimate space that you and your partner can build together, the perfect excuse to get a little silly and relax. In other words, it might just be a matter of proposing!

Putting your fort together is a big part of the fun, so take your time. Get creative and build the ceiling fort of your dreams! You can add all kinds of cool stuff like fairy lights to get the ambiance you want for your cozy kingdom, it can also be a great place to watch a movie (as long as you don't mind watching it in a smaller place to enjoy) . Screen). Just keep in mind that once you're all snuggled up in the fort, you may need to come up with a different pose than the traditional kneeling position!

8. Write them a love letter.

For an old-school vibe that will blow her mind, there's nothing quite like a love letter. First, pack some nice stationery and a pen—you'll definitely want to write by hand! Then sit down and express your feelings. Spend some time drafting and checking some of themclassic love letters in historyWhen you need a little inspiration. For those with a literary soul, you can even write a poem for your partner!

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How you want to play the actual advice is entirely up to you. An easy and straightforward approach is to end the letter with the big question yourself - although we don't recommend adding a "yes or no" box. (Middle school vibes are not what you want!) Ultimately, however, nothing on the page can compare to the cute romance of getting down on one kneeShow off this Sparkling Halo Engagement RingYou chose so, when in doubt, keep it private.

9. Create custom suggestion puzzles.

Many couples enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles as part of a relaxing evening at home, but it can also be an unexpected way to ask questions. Plenty of online services offer custom jigsaw puzzles that you can decorate with any image you like, such as a favorite photo of the two of you together. You can add text like "Will you marry me?" Or not - it might be great to watch them put words together, but you might prefer to ask yourself!

Whatever you decide, we encourage you to have a great evening. Pour a glass of wine, put on some music you both like, and make some romantic gestures that you think your partner will enjoy. Keep the ring out of sight, but close at hand. Pro tip: Since you may want to wait until the puzzle is ready for the big moment, you probably don't want to make the puzzle too difficult or give it too many pieces unless your partner is an experienced puzzle solver. (Most puzzle companies let you customize this, so just choose an easier option.)

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10. Have a karaoke night at home.

If you like the sound of musical suggestion ideas (no pun intended) but don't have the instrumental skills, don't worry! Singing karaoke at home is easy with one of the many digital karaoke systems on the market, and having a karaoke night at home can be a very lighthearted (yet still sincere and heartfelt) idea of ​​proposal. If you know your sweetheart wants to make a semi-public proposal with family and friends, this is also a good time to ask someone out.

There are many different ways you can spend this big moment, but our favorite is singing a song that you both know and love, especially if it has special meaning to both of you. (A song about marriage may or may not be too edgy, butthere are many good options!) When the song ends, that's your cue to get on your knees and move on.

11. Propose on movie night.

whatever your thoughts areromantic movieyesCasablanca, Mondsüchtigortrue romance, a movie night with favorite movies, offers a really fun and personal way to prepare for the big issue. It's also something that many people do on a regular basis, so it's a great option if you want to wow your proposal.

It's also very easy to set up. After all, most of us are pretty good at snuggling and curling up in front of the TV! Make sure you stock up on drinks and snacks, pull out your softest pillows and blankets, and make it clear that you have nowhere else to spend the night. Some people will want to propose at a particularly romantic moment, but it can make it hard to focus on the rest of the movie - so if you want to make sure you can enjoy the show once you get your ring, consider doing it after the credits Show the ring full movie!

Feeling tongue tied? Know what to say when making a suggestion

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